A combo or combination refers to the amount of damage that you inflict in a certain amount of time between consecutive hits--as long as the other Robo still displays a HIT or HIT-to-DOWN status. Combos can still be added upon a downed Robo, but the "chain" is broken, and the combo ends when the enemy Robo enters Rebirth. To initiate a combo, at least three separate attacks must be used within that time. Ground shots and air shots are counted as different types of attacks. Repeated attacks can be used, but not back-to-back. When you perform a combo in a normal battle, the damage value is shown onscreen. The highest possible combo value is 1000. In Custom Robo Arena, you may view your maximum combo in 'Characters' from the 'Notes' section on the menu.

Damage calculating for combos has so far only been used in Custom Robo Arena.


  • A Robo hits an opponent with a Standard Bomb S, rushes in closer and attacks twice with a Knuckle Gun, before launching Umbrella Pods at it. If the Robo does not hit the opponent with the Umbrella Pods, it will not be considered a combo.