The Chief from Custom Robo (GameCube) is the chief of police, the leader of the entire Police Squad. His gray hair shows him to be in his late 50's. Usually he is just referred to as "Chief" or "the Chief." Despite his age, he is still very skilled with robos and has a Class-S License. He doesn't battle often, and when he does, it's usually with his grandson. The Chief commands the robo Metal Ox.


Many years before the game starts, he was a great commander famous for being rarely beaten. But with age, his body couldn't take the mental stress needed for a robo battle. This resulted in the Chief becoming a semi-retired commander.


However, during the hero's test for a Class-S License, Chief declared a battle against the hero. Though he lost, the Chief maintained that that was the greatest battle he had fought in a long time. So to push the hero farther, he created a tournament formerly known as The Grand Battle. The Chief is encountered many times during that tournament.

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