Charge Bomb
Range Short, Medium, Long
Blast Type Standard
Standard Damage 69-126
Maximum Deployment 1
Default Position On opponent.
Illegal No
Description Travels straight ahead. Blast and power change if button is held down.
Attack 5
Speed 5
Size 3
Time 5
Down 3
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 69-126
Ground Description Flies in a medium, fast arc.
Air Damage/Round 56-100
Air Description Flies straight forward.

The Charge Bomb is a very versatile weapon. It can be used as a blocking tool, in addition to a source of fast direct-attack pressure. It may be charged by holding the reticule for a period of time: there are three blast sizes depending on how long the bomb is held. The illegal version of this weapon is the Scythe Bomb.


Use for pressuring your opponent and at the same time using your pods. Fire your gun while your foe is distracted by your bombs.

Since this bomb is very easy to use, it can be fired without much aim and at random intervals to make the enemy nervous. Keep in mind that an often typical response to Charge Bomb spam is spammed gunfire.

Be sure to pump a bomb into your enemy once he's downed.


  • Since this is a very versatile gun there will be many ways to defend yourself against it.
  • Let's start off as if your opponent is launching several uncharged bombs at you. This either means they are trying to keep the pressure on you and/or go for a quick yet devastating combo. Dodge it as you would a gun round, just don't jump toward your enemy as you may get hit.
  • Next the mid charge. This charge is the least used and usually only fired when the user is interrupted and had to dodge incoming fire. Simply avoid the target area or interrupt your foe.
  • Next up the full charge. This is usually used to cause major damage or trapping the player but requires time to charge. To prevent this charge keep your foe busy at close-mid range. Be warned that advanced players know exactly when to release the Charge Bomb as soon as it's been fully charged.
  • Finally combination. Dodging these rounds will be based solely on your evasive skills and your opponent's skill.

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