Cerberus Pod
Range Medium
Blast Type Modified Wave
Standard Damage
Maximum Deployment 3
Illegal Yes
Description Splits in 3 directions after a short time. Blast passes through walls.
Attack 7
Speed 4
Homing 0
Size 5
Time 4
Firing Detail
Ground Dmg/Round
Ground Description
Air Dmg/Round
Air Description

This part is illegal.

The Cerberus Pod belongs to the illegal Ray II Dark set. It is a modified version of the Wave Pod, but also is like the Double Wave Pod. It sends out three dark red wave blasts at the same time, but its range is average.


This pod is one of the few illegal parts that change the tactical uses compared to it's legal counterpart. Since it fires blasts to your sides and in front of you it should be used in close range combat followed by a short-medium ranged gun.


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