Robos are, center piece to Custom Robo. Every robo belongs to a specific model and style. A model is a set of robos that are very similar to one another. Every robo also has unique stats, differing it from all others. Certain robos also have special abilities. The robos listed here encompass both legal and illegal robos. If you are choosing a robo, be sure to test its ground and air abilities, its air dashes, and its charge attack. In order to be a well-rounded robo commander, one should use a variety of robos.

NOTE: The headlines are the models. All robos below use their American names unless otherwise noted. An alphabetized list of robos is at the bottom of this page.

* Illegal
** Military
*** Wimp

Aerial BeautyEdit

Big BoyEdit

Burning BeastEdit

Funky Big HeadEdit

Lightning SkyEdit

Little RaiderEdit

Little SprinterEdit

Metal GrapplerEdit

Misty MirageEdit


Ray SeriesEdit

Sassy StunnerEdit

Shining FighterEdit

Strike VanisherEdit

Trick FlyerEdit

Wild SoldierEdit



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