Certain robo parts are deemed illegal by the CRA because their statistics are abnormally high and often imbalanced, thereby rendering robo battles unfair for the opponent. Some illegal parts are outright dangerous, being able to cause physical/mental harm to the opponent and even the user. As a result, these illicit parts are frequently developed and utilized by criminal commanders.

Any type of robo part can be illegal, from guns and bombs to pods, legs, and even the robos themselves Many illegal parts are modified versions of a legal part, with higher stats and other properties that enhance the part's strengths while covering some of its weaknesses. Although illegal parts are very powerful, it is important to know that they do not make a commander invincible by their presence alone - if the difference in skill or tactics is great enough, even a commander using a full set of illegal parts can be beaten by a completely legal robo.

In addition, there are illegal holosseums. These stages possess abnormal features, which usually involve acid.

The illegal robos and parts are marked by danger signs (Custom Robo (GameCube) and skulls for most of the series. Using illegal parts of any kind in Custom Robo Arena will prevent the player from obtaining Experience Points. In the "Grand Battle" mode present in most of the games, score-reducing multipliers are applied (usually by "0.50") for each illegal part used per round.


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