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Any type of robo part can be illegal. Thus, there are illegal robos, guns, bombs, pods, and legs. Certain parts are deemed illegal by the CRA because their statistics are abnormally high and often imbalanced, and they possess heightened capabilities. They also can cause harm to the opponent and even the user. Criminal commanders often use these illicit and very dangerous parts. Usually, illegal parts are modified from their legal counterparts. Although illegal parts are very powerful, it is important to know that even with illegal parts, a Commander is not invincible. Also, all illegal sets can be defeated with legal sets.

In addition, there are illegal holosseums. These stages possess abnormal features, which usually involve acid.

The illegal robos and parts are marked by danger signs (Custom Robo (GameCube) and skulls for most of the series.

Using illegal parts of any kind in Custom Robo Arena will prevent the player from obtaining Experience Points. In "Grand Battle" mode in most of the games, score reducing multipliers are applied (usually by "0.50") for each illegal part used per round.


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