There are two types of Camera Control for battles in Custom Robo Arena. The default is an angled top-down view that rotates and will always show both robos. Use this fact to approach close and make it hard for the enemy to dodge certain weapons which pause or may remain off-screen for time. The other type is a back view which shows your robo's back and what it sees. This second mode is difficult to use because it doesn't always show your enemy. You can switch the default in the settings, or can switch the camera mode in battle by pressing Select.


  • You can change your opponent's camera angle to block off his views of the battle screen. This can be done by using a charge such as Tricerion's toward your opponent. Your opponent's view of the arena will be diminished, and he will have a hard time dodging your pods and bombs. Some guns that can be comboed into this trick are the Eagle Gun, Saggitarius Gun, Rayfall Gun, Meteor Fall Gun, Glider Gun, and any other gun that stays in the air.
  • Another trick is to block off your opponent's view with a weapon such as the Mega Burst Gun or Wall Pod. If used up close, you can fill up the majority of your opponent's screen. This works best on the arena Battlefield: Tomorrow.
  • Use the back view to alter the way you move a bit (or dramatically) to force your opponent to make new predictions and vice versa. This is assuming you have practiced at least dodging in this view.

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