Burrow Bomb P
Range Medium, Long
Blast Type P
Standard Damage 113
Maximum Deployment 2
Default Position Directly in front of opponent.
Illegal No
Description Explodes shortly after it descends. Blast lingers for a while.
Attack 7
Speed 5
Size 3
Time 7
Down 6
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 113
Ground Description Travels in a low arc. Mine created.
Air Damage/Round 70
Air Description Curves downward. Mine created.

The Burrow Bomb P (Idling Bomb P in Japan) version of the Burrow Bomb is even more effective on aerial enemies than the Burrow Bomb D. Its blast is very high and has the same advantages as the Burrow Bomb D except that it may inflict damage on a jumper using it. When launched from the air it takes half the time to detonate.


Mainly used as a combo weapon, it works with Flak type charges, and aerial pods and guns.


The blasts are tall, but skinny, so stay on the ground and weave in and out. Typically, the enemy won't try to hit you directly, but will try to use another weapon to draw you in, so try to watch for a combo being set up.


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