Burrow Bomb D
Range Medium, Long
Blast Type D
Standard Damage 79
Maximum Deployment 2
Default Position Directly in front of opponent.
Illegal No
Description Explodes shortly after it descends. Blast lingers for a while.
Attack 7
Speed 5
Size 7
Time 8
Down 6
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 79
Ground Description Travels in a low arc. Mine created.
Air Damage/Round 79
Air Description Curves downward. Mine created.

The Burrow Bomb D (Idling Bomb D in Japan) is one of the most popular bombs. It is effective against both ground and jumping foes (although more so with the former). Its combination of large blast size, easy placement, and high power provide attacking and defending advantages. This bomb is very popular among commanders specializing in jumping robos. When launched from the air it takes half the time to detonate.


This bomb is excellent for blocking opponents on nearly any stage. It also strongly discourages low air dashing, and tends to constrict movement on almost any stage. The latter forces good use of the Burrow Bomb D to involve not running into one's own bombs, which is easier said than done (battles with both robos equipping this bomb can be very hectic). You can plant bombs to either side of an opponent to create mines in the ground that will trigger if a robos makes contact with them. Also, direct attack is possible, but you still need to move the bomb reticule. One tricky technique for hitting quickly while the opponent is to jump toward him and aim and release the bomb while in the air. Be very careful about getting hit by the bomb yourself.

Advanced commanders tend to practice tracking with the Burrow Bomb to exact combo damage after the opponent is downed.


Defending against the Burrow D is one of the hardest tasks in the game. The Burrow D has advantages over other bombs in size, reload, power, and speed. Burrow D is most useful when your opponent can get you behind a wall, usually in a corner, and activate an enormous combo.

The best way to avoid being pinned in is to stay on the move. Don't stop behind a wall, except for momentary invicibility against gun rounds. When using a ground robo with air jumps (like a Sprinter) stay on the ground as much as possible, and only jump when you're about to be trapped behind a wall. When using a robo like a Big Boy or Aerial Beauty, stay in the air as much as possible and use pods for defense.

The best overall strategy to use to avoid the Burrow Bomb D is a jumper robo, however this may be countered by the opponent's other parts.


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