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If looking for the Gun with the similar name, try Bubble Gun.

Occupation Bounty Hunter for Dark Blue
Robo Of Choice Metal Ox
Commander License N/A
Resides Dome City
Game Custom Robo Battle Revolution

Bubble is a character from Custom Robo Battle Revolution. He is one of Dark Blue's Bounty Hunters. As such, he follows Evil's commands without question. Unlike his co-worker Delpha, Bubble is fought once within A New Journey.

Bubble main desire is to please Evil in any way he can. As such, he laughs when Evil makes a joke (even when it's a terrible one) and acts condescending towards Steel Hearts, Dark Blue's rival. However, when not under Evil's eye, Bubble is actually a decent man. When he meets the Hero in the park before he knew that he worked for Steel Hearts, he was rather friendly towards him. So, his lackey-like demeanor is probably a facade in order to keep his job at Dark Blue.

He commands a Metal Ox.

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