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Model Big Boy
Style Power
Size* 8 x 5 x 4
Cube size Large
Classification Legal
Description Able to air-dash twice. Highly maneuverable in air. Can move far with a single jump.
Attack 105%
Defense 8
Endurance 7
Speed 3
Aerial 7
Air Dash
Speed 136 hm/s
Length 67.5 in
Type Air Jump
Quantity 2
Type Attack
Action Quick hop.
Speed 480-217 hm/s
Standard Damage 143
Effect Opponent shot high and away.
Ground Speed 40 hm/s
Jump Speed 220 hm/s
Jump Distance 82.5 in
*currently measured in inches

Borane is a Big Boy robo that only appears in Custom Robo Arena. He is a Power Style robo that is primarily used by the Hero's teacher, Mr. Stubbs

How to obtainEdit


Borane has a good combination of power and aerial abilities. Use at mid-range. His charge, though it is the Attack type, can also be used to clear walls when you are surrounded by bombs and pods.

Splash Bomber
Creator: ?
Robo Borane
Gun Splash Gun
Bomb Crescent Bomb C
Pod Buster Pod
Legs Plus One Legs
Use Borane's wide jumps to get close to the enemy, fire the gun, a bomb or pod, fire the gun again, and finish off with a charge attack.


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  • For some reason, Borane has an unusually slow speed even for a big boy at only 40 hm/s, making it the robo with the slowest ground speed in the game
    • However this seems to be remedied by using the Formula Legs or Phantom Legs, going up to 84hm/s and 96hm/s respectively like it normally would