• GanicoGSx

    Been a While

    September 5, 2015 by GanicoGSx

    Hi whoever is reading this blog post.  Yeah...I can't believe that my interest with Custom Robo has been lowered in the last three months .  I sorry about that and how I didn't get around to do that Robo drawing.

    Here are some Custom Robo (GC) videos that I uploaded recently on my personal YouTube channel that you can watch when you feel like it while I go back to not do a whole lot with Custom Robo until my interest goes up again:

    • Custom Robo GC - Body Part - Rahu II (!) ("Potato Quality")
    • Custom Robo GC - Body Part - Rahu I (!) ("Potato Quality")
    • Just Playin' Custom Robo GC - Arcade Mode (Whatever)
    • Just Playin' Custom Robo GC - Arcade Mode (Rahu I)
    • Standard Bomb+Charge Attack Combo (CRGC)
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  • The One Who Wrote This

    So, I run this YouTube page known as Custom Robo Videos that puts up videos for the games that can be used for this Wiki (I don't monetize off of it at all, so no advertisements play on them). As there weren't many walkthroughs of the games, I decided that I would record my gameplay of the games and post it on YouTube with the dialogue translated and the like. Now, would there be anyone who would like to help out with Translating these playthroughs? I can put the translations in the video afterwards and then publish them onto the channel. You will get proper credits in the video if you choose to help out.

    If you want to help out with translations, please let me know by commenting, PMing me on Smashboards, or via e-mail at gbandrews3@gmail.c…

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  • GanicoGSx is really been a long time being on this wikia.

    Also, if you're an admin, you can go ahead and delete the "Talk topic" I made on the Strike Vanisher article since it seemed like something that would be more suited as a blog topic on here.

    Okay so here is what I really want to bring up from looking at the gameplay changes starting with "Custom Robo Arena". Does anyone think that the Strike Vanishers' stealth dashes (for the most part) being reduced by one in "Custom Robo Arena" was because of the Plus One Legs being introduced in the game and/or legal robos having 3 air dashes pre-Arena were too useful/unbalanced? Please let me know, I am curious and have no qualms about the nerf.

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  • DXExiled

    I've always wanted to pickup a speedgame of my own, and Custom Robo: Battle Revolution is it. Through all of my runs I hope I can bring an air of healthy competition to the game and challenge myself as well as other runners to do their best and achieve the best times they can.

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  • Raysin 1

    Robo Stories :)

    February 13, 2013 by Raysin 1

    Write the first paragraph of your page here.

    August 16th, 2067 4:15 PM Lansing, Michigan 

    Jack: The Robocup is coming on tonight Eddy definitely is getting the win!

    Doug: You're dumb haha the new red head is a Rising Star is a king he's going home with the gold!

    Jack: Haha o.k we'll see

    • The Robocup ensues and the final battle between Eddy and the Hero begins. The Hero is victorious!

    Jack: Damn! 

    Doug: Haha what'd I tell you?? 

    Jack: Ha you know what he got lucky oh real lucky

    Doug: ...You're such a sore loser just drop it bro.

    Jack: (I don't get it how could this kid come out of nowhere and just dominate Eddy? A seasoned pro?? Well maybe...just maybe)

    • The next day 

    Jack: Doug...

    Doug: Haha Jack...

    Jack: Let's $50 says I grate you like cheese


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  • LightRay56


    Power & Indurance Types: Get a metal grappler and a knuckle gun, a wall bomb and pod, and the feather boots, a simple way to inflict some major damage is to charge in (Not actually using your charge.) And hit them into the air, take a small step back and shoot your wall bomb, jump up and hit them, and finally shoot the wall pod, this can SOMETIMES do something over 400-500 damage, but can be risky to use thanks to heavy damaging bombs and guns. (Takes Practice)

    Speed & High Damage: Get Robin, A sniper rifle (I forget most of the Actual names) And the acceleration boots, and run around the edges, jumping and shooting, Use your own bomb since I have no actual prefered bombs or pods, but I suggest the volcano bomb. This is a good way to d…

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  • TimeSpace1234

    Need a good combo.

    March 19, 2012 by TimeSpace1234

    Well here's the thing, i am trying to help out a friend to play custom robo arena and he cannot quiet beat hardon on the last part of the story.

    Got any Ideas?

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  • TimeSpace1234

    Robo customization

    March 15, 2012 by TimeSpace1234

    Hello everyone, I just want to say one thing.

    What is your best custom Robo. Make sure you add details of the cutomization and why that custom best suits you.

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  • Niktext


    March 1, 2012 by Niktext

    Hey, I edited this wiki not to long ago and I would like to ask about some extra info here! can I get the rundown on what is happening with this wiki? I hope to edit here more! Niktext 22:35, March 1, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Niktext

    Hi I am Niktext!

    February 20, 2012 by Niktext

    Hey, I am here to help by request and I am trying to help with some things like Stubs and pages that need help! Hope to get to know everyone!

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  • Sylar GF

    Ah yes.

    February 12, 2012 by Sylar GF

    Interesting. A blog function. I never really figured out the point of these, so I'm guessing it's just a forum for me to blather through, which, of course, I enjoy greatly, especially when it has to do with Custom Robo Arena.

    So what has Sylar been doing during his off time from CRA? Nothing. That's right, while not playing CRA, I have done nothing of importance; no new sets, no new guides, hell, not even any new IDEAS for guides. I've exhausted every idea I have to cause people to stick around longer, or to bring people in. I've tried talking it up on other forums, hell, I've been using Neoseeker for over a year now...actually got some players from Neoseeker to come to GF, and it was people with a hell of a lot of potential.

    But being who I…

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  • Progmansp


    September 18, 2011 by Progmansp
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  • Creepysku11

    template building

    August 8, 2011 by Creepysku11

    I'm trying to make a template: user lightning sky because there isn't one. but how do I build templates!? can you tell me?

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  • Raymkrandy


    April 21, 2011 by Raymkrandy

    ....and im just here because i wanna help make the wiki a better, more informative, and possibly more entertaining thing to browse through. i'll upload pics, edit info, stuff like that to help the pages look acurate and propper.

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  • Silver493

    sweet spot template?

    March 2, 2011 by Silver493

    what exactly do we put for the gun's sweet spot? SS type? description? range? a simple yes or no? N/A?

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  • Silver493

    wall jumping

    March 2, 2011 by Silver493

    just saying it is possible to do it with a continues jump. the only diff is the angle and effect.

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  • Vampire93

    Hey there.

    November 21, 2010 by Vampire93

    Hey. My name's Vamp, I'm a big Custom Robo fan. I've created a Custom Robo Fanon Wiki, and it needs members, so... anyone interested? Also, I don't know anyone, so feel free to introduce yourselves! :D Sorry if that came out a little arrogant.

    Here's the address:

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  • Silver493

    Z's Leader Factions

    November 17, 2010 by Silver493

    think thereshould be pages that include the Main two leader factions - Oboro/sergei - eliza/isabella? with info on resources, commander strentgh, commander preference/training, plans, etc

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  • Silver493

    clearer pics

    November 6, 2010 by Silver493

    while searching for official artwork from the developers themselves i came across a few pictures we can use. granted most are already in use but more notibly is the rahu II pic and the clearer rahu I pic.

    i have no means of getting those pics here so i'll leave a link here.

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  • Silver493

    about CRA Leader boards

    November 5, 2010 by Silver493

    there is only mike......

    just wonderin what is going on there

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  • Silver493

    x-ray is power and speed

    ray01 is power and defense

    and ray is speed and defense

    to me ray01 is fine but it looks like to me that x-ray should have have ray's combination and vice versa. based on the robos looks.

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  • Silver493

    something isn't right there....i would change it but i cant find my CRGC game....the waning/waxing can't have both a wave blast and a flanking blast as they are connected in right/left wave and right/left flank bombs

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  • Silver493

    topic. my answer: yes i believe so

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  • Silver493


    September 1, 2010 by Silver493

    For thoSe of you who played the GC version of custom robo you may of noticed the staving couple in hub park. But more to the point you may have also noticed the fad going on where they try to think of as many things that the "z" in the z syndicate stands for. And that is why i've come to ask you all what do you think it means?Silver493 22:31, September 1, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Progmansp

    Robo body: "Depressed" Desc. "The worst of the robos. Unfortuneatly for you, this is all you could afford in your sad, lonely, emo little world. You just lost your job at mcdonalds because you didn't know how to work the cash register. The most you can do now is fight crime with this sad excuse of a robo that ever existed. Can is better than this." Stats .All one. Robo Gun: "Flintlock" Desc. "The worst of the guns. You'd be lucky if you can hit anything with this, and even then, the recoil is so bad the likeliness of you pulling off another shot is very bad. The best thing about this gun is that if you hit them, you have a chance of causing them to have TB because the ammo is uncleaned." Stats .All one. Robo Bomb: "Mini-Nuke." Desc. "The w…

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  • Ray01Geo

    First blog

    May 15, 2010 by Ray01Geo

    I've only played one custom robo game and it was the gamecube one. But I know all about that game so if you need any imformation about it I'm the guy to ask.

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  • Progmansp

    Which platform?

    April 20, 2010 by Progmansp

    On which system would you prefer a new Custom Robo game? Wii or Ds? Or maybe you'd rather wait till the next Nintendo system comes out?

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