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Blind Spots are a Gun's rounds area in which it misses it's target and/or allows the foe to flank or counterattack. Certain Bombs, Pods, and at times Charges have Blind Spots. Note: Blind Spots are often slightly covered by using the Slide Shot technique or one of it's variants (Back-Tracking, Glide Shots).

  • Quick Descriptions are small bits of info describing the gist of the blind spot location. Full descriptions in the corresponding weapon's page(to be done).
  • Cover is how to protect and cover one's Blind Spot from one's foe.
  • Vantages is how to flank or counterattack when you are in your foe's Blind Spot.
Blind Spots
Guns Quick Description Cover Vantages
Halo Gun The area between the Air and Ground shot's rounds. Fast moving and/or flanking Bombs and Pods launched before use. Fast firing and/or flanking Gun and Pod rounds.

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