Blast types are assigned to bombs and pods. They determine the shape of the blast and how the opponent reacts once he is hit. They are very important because they influence how combos work. A list of all known designated blast types is provided below.

Recurring Bomb Blasts
Standard good-sized red, spherical blast knocks opponent diagonally upward
Wave green blast detonates a few times over a short distance

Lettered Bomb Blasts
B Burst fairly small pink, mushroom-shaped blast grows slightly and hits opponent diagonally up
C Cyclone fairly large blue blast pushes opponent slowly upward
D Destroy large red-bordered, skull-marked bubble that lingers
F Flipper good size light blue pillar knocks opponent to the side
G Gazer pillar of fire that sends opponent quickly upward
H Horizon white spherical blast that knocks opponent slowly sideways
K Knockdown cylindrical golden blast that causes knockdown
P Pillar pillar of fire that sends opponent quickly upward and lingers
S Stun round green blast that momentarily freezes opponent
T Traction yellow blast that pulls opponent close
X Explosion spherical golden blast sends opponent skyhigh

Excluding these blast types, there are other types that are distinct to their respective parts.

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