Blade Gun
Range Medium
Round(s) 1
Standard Damage 25
Sweet spot {{{sweetspot}}}
Illegal No
Description Fires sword-shaped shots in a straight row. Can fire continuously but homing is weak.
Attack 2
Speed 5
Homing 1
Reload 10
Down 2
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 25.00
Ground Description
Air Damage/Round 25.00
Air Description

If you just look at the name Blade Gun and don't read the description you could easily be misled and think this is a sword for your robo. Well, this is actually a gun that fires sword-shaped shots in a straight row. It can fire continuously but its homing is weak. It is practically ineffective against most foes unless you really know how to use bombs and pods.


The Blade Gun is useful for not keeping yourself open since it has a fast reload/recharge rate. It is best used for finishing a combo or rapid fire at close range since its homing abilities are limited. A fast moving Robo depending on charges, bombs, and pods rather than its gun as the primary method of attack should consider this weapon for follow up attacks to combinations and keeping pressure up on the opponent.

Regularly firing in spurts of 3 to 4 shots, in addition to intermittent shots, can be a good tactic.


Stay on the move. If your enemy has a good aerial attack, be sure not to aerially strafe at close range.

How to Obtain

Custom Robo (Nintendo 64): ?

Custom Robo V2: ?

Custom Robo GX: ?

Custom Robo (GameCube): Beat Carman during the "Tea Room" tournament and go to a Parts Generator.

Custom Robo Arena: Can be purchased from the part store in Midheart High.

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