This part is illegal.
Bigfoot Pose
Model Metal Grappler
Style Other
Size* Big
Classification Illegal
Description An illegal robo based on Shining Fighter models. Because its defense is enhanced, it is possible to significantly reduce the damage received.
Attack 5
Defense 10
Endurance 8
Speed 3
Air Dash
Speed Fast
Length Long
Type Uncontrollable Dash that Ignores Walls

Bigfoot is an illegal Metal Grappler robo that only appears in Custom Robo GX. It has been enhanced to have maximized defense. It is commanded by the beast-like Gaiou, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Nikaido Group.

It is based on Tiger Glare.

How to obtainEdit


Bigfoot's greatest strength is its defense. It has the highest defense out of ALL robos in the entire game, so it can be used to tank hits.

In addition to its impressive defense, it can use its air dash to fly through walls. So, it can hide behind a wall until the opponent gets near, start its air dash, and then use an attacking Action Chip to launch an attack immediately or a defensive Action Chip to block attacks and stop in place.

However, the biggest downfall of Bigfoot is his slow speed. If a fast shot is fired at him and he doesn't have cover, he's likely going to be hit. In order to combat this, use his air dashes wisely and maybe pack a defensive Action Chip. Having a gun with a high knockdown value can also help. Lastly, consider using a long range set and keep your opponent from approaching you. Sometimes robos with high defense don't need to enter the heat of the combat.

Creator: Noise/Nintendo
Robo Bigfoot
Gun Gaiou Gun
Bomb Gaiou Bomb
Subweapon Gaiou Pod
Action Chip Short Slash
This is the set that Gaiou, one of the Four Heavenly Kings, uses during his encounter with the Hero during the infiltration of the Nikaido Group's Home Base. It relies on over-powering the opponent with maximized defense, an upgraded Shotgun, a spacious upgrade of a Pillar Bomb R, the sideways splitting of an upgraded Sideways Pod R, and the powerful close range Short Slash. To counteract this set, try to stay away from Bigfoot and use quick homing shots with decent power. Long distance battling is key for this fight.



  • This robo is named after Bigfoot, a legendary creature often thought as an urban legend.
  • Bigfoot's Password is roughly translated to "Snow Giant". This is a reference to the Yeti, another creature that is similar to Bigfoot (the creature, not the Robo).

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