This part is illegal.
Model Strike Vanisher
Style Secret
Size* Large
Cube size Medium
Classification Illegal
Description To be added....
Attack 100%
Defense 6
Endurance 6
Speed 6
Aerial 5
Air Dash
Speed N/A
Length N/A
Type Stealth Dash
Quantity 5
Type Attack
Action Short Range Tackle (Javelin's but invincible).
Speed N/A
Standard Damage 90
Effect Opponent is sent away.
Ground Speed N/A
Jump Speed N/A
Jump Distance N/A
*currently measured in inches

Bayonette is an Illegal Strike Vanisher robo that appears Custom Robo V2. The twin brothers Tsurugi and Yaiba merged their robos, Spear and Lance, to create this robo and show off the power of Dual Diving.

How to obtainEdit


This is THE best Strike Vanisher Robo in the game. It has 5 Stealth Dashes that it can use to approach and evade the opponent. In addition, its Charge is the same as Javelin's. However, unlike Javelin, it is invincible while performing its charge, so it can really rack up the damage. Try equipping him with a quick yet powerful gun and use his Stealth Dashes to get closer to the opponent. Just don't get hit by your own explosions.

Standard Set
Creator: Noise/Nintendo
Robo Bayonette
Gun Twins Gun
Bomb Twins Bomb
Pod Twins Pod
Legs Twins Legs
This is the primary set that Tsurugi and Yaiba use when under Goliath's influence. A good counter to this set is a rushdown set, so try Robin with a Flame Gun. Just be careful for the Charge attack as it's easily spammable.



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