Back-tracking is a variant of the slide shot technique that is used frequently but is often unnoticed in practice. Normally the slide shot allows you to fire your gun then protect yourself behind cover. Back-tracking allows you to perform a slide shot without transitioning to another location. Have a robo with good ground speed and a mid-long range gun.

First hide behind cover, "peek" out, and perform a slide shot in the opposite direction (e.g. peek left, then slide shot to your right and vice versa). This will return you to your previous location. This is useful when your opponent has left little room for you to move around in, cover is sparce, and you wish to keep safe from return fire. Back-tracking can be done without cover, and the slide shot distance still will vary based on your robo type and what gun you have chosen.

This technique is usually done unintentionally thus making it very difficult to intentionally master for many reasons:

  • You must correct your movement according to what your foe is doing.
  • You must be careful of flanking weapons and bombs that come from above.
  • You need good timing to avoid blasts that linger.
  • Every gun and robo type combination will need specific timing to use back-tracking effectively.
  • You must anticipate your foes movement.
  • You must correct your own movement(only when camera is dynamic).
  • Your need to remain calm and centered under pressure.

If you can accomplish all this in an actual battle, you will be able to use back-tracking at will, and it should eventually become part of your play style.

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