The Arcade Mode is a recurring game option of play in the series.

Custom Robo (N64)Edit

In Custom Robo (Nintendo 64), the Arcade Mode is a sub-menu that is accessible at the title screen. This has 4 options:

Stage Clear Mode is like the Arcade Mode of future titles. This mode has you face against opponents that you encounter in Scenario Mode. There are 5 difficulty levels:

  • Beginner Class
  • Common Class
  • Expert Class
  • Master Class
  • Legend Class

Each class has 10 battles. Winning in this mode gives you nothing but glory as a rewards, so it's completely optional to play this mode.

Free Battle is essentially training mode but you can choose the Holosseum as well as your opponent's AI behavior and parts.

Versus Mode is the 2 player multiplayer that allows you to fight against a friend or rival. You can choose the Holosseum and your parts in this mode. The Robo Cannon is always the default robo cannon, however.

Rankings allows you to view the high score of each class in Stage Clear Mode.

Custom Robo ArenaEdit

Arcade Battles are a unique feature provided by the Robocenter in Custom Robo Arena. They have you battle several commanders successively to win huge amounts of cash. If you lose just one battle, you lose all your accumulated cash. There are several levels to the Arcade Battle, and each one gets progressively harder. The last commander of each level usually uses illegal parts.

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