A robo fires its gun right after dashing.

The air-dash is performed by a robo when it jumps while it is in mid-air. It causes the robo to move quickly just above the ground without touching it. One may aim where to dash with the directional pad; precision varies with the robo model. Different robo models have different numbers of dashes. Use the air-dash as a feint as you pretend to land, or use it to approach your opponent quickly. Air-dashes are useful for dodging, but you will be still be vulnerable to attacks. It is safer to end an air-dash behind an obstacle to cover this weakness. There are several "variations" of air-dashes:

Air Jumps Edit

Air-jumps are the most common air-dash variation. They are also known as continuous jumps. Instead of dashing from spot to spot, they allow the robo to ascend higher in the air, essentially being a way to double jump. They are not as useful for approaching but rather for dodging.

Stealth Dashes Edit

Stealth-dashes are used only by a few robos. They are like normal air-dashes because they accomplish the same task. The remarkable thing about stealth-dashes is that the robo disappears while it is in the air. This protects the robo from gunfire as it moves. It does not, however, protect from bomb or pod attacks. Their users are the Strike Vanisher and the Burning Beast models.

Sky Dashes Edit


A Lightning Sky during sky dash.

Sky-dashes are very unique. Upon dashing, the robo flies across the arena for a set amount of time. During this time, it can maneuver horizontally and use all its weapons. It is very important to protect your vulnerability after sky-dashing. Their sole users are the Lightning Sky models, Jameson, and Hadron.

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