Acrobat Pod
Range Short
Blast Type Other
Standard Damage 0
Maximum Deployment 1
Illegal No
Description Explodes right after you fire. Blast sends your foe upward.
Attack 0
Speed 5
Homing 0
Size 6
Time 4
Firing Detail
Ground Dmg/Round 0
Ground Description
Air Dmg/Round 0
Air Description

The Acrobat Pod is the pod counterpart to the Acrobat Bomb. It inflicts zero damage, and sends your robo very high. Unlike the Acrobat Bomb which only detonates on the ground, the Acrobat Pod may be deployed multiple times while in midair. This may or not be successful due to your robo's endurance stat. If used with a Little Sprinter or Raider, the robo will be knocked down. When used behind a wall, away from the enemy, it can give a very useful rebirth time.


  • Much like the Acrobat Bomb, the Acrobat Pod is used to keep your robo airborne. Can be used in the same way as the Acrobat Bomb though due to its ability to detonate in the air the effect of the pod is slightly reduced.
  • If used when you're doing a high speed jump, the pods won't hit you, but can knock your foe away.
  • Invincibility by downing oneself.


Often your foe will simply use this pod to remain airborne. If that's the case, use a fast ground robo and remain underneath your foe and fire your gun when they land. There are times when your foe may panic and launch the pod when you're nearby, sending you into the air with them. If this happens, it is best to take advantage, by landing at a vantage point where your weapons will hit your foe as they land.

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