Acrobat Bomb
Range Short
Blast Type Other
Standard Damage 0
Maximum Deployment 1
Default Position Directly beneath your own robo.
Illegal No
Description Explodes at your feet, sending your robo high into the air. You are invulnerable on landing.
Attack 0
Speed 5
Size 6
Time 5
Down 3
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 0
Ground Description Fires in a fast arc, hitting directly at your feet.
Air Damage/Round 0
Air Description Falls straight down.

The Acrobat Bomb is a special bomb that is not used for attack at all. Instead, it sends your own robo sky-high. From this position, you may attack your opponent for a few seconds while being nearly invincible. This bomb cannot be used too rapidly, as a knockdown will probably result. Robos like Chick, who have low endurance, will be downed immediately. This bomb works best with robos who can perform air-jumps because after initally ascending, they can ascend further with their jumps.


This bomb is used most often for Egg-dropping, an advanced technique.


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