Model Lightning Sky
Style Normal (GX)
Arena: Other
Size* 9 x 9 x 2
Cube size To be determined....
Classification Military
Description GX: An Enhanced, Military Grade Lightning Sky Robo. Overall performance such attack power, defense, and speed have been enhanced.
Arena: A Lightning Sky modified for military use. It boasts high mobility and offensive power.
Attack GX: 7
Arena: 135%
Defense GX: 8
Arena: 3
Endurance GX: 3
Arena: 3
Speed GX: 10
Arena: 5
Aerial Arena: 9
Air Dash
Speed 176 hm/s
Length 140.0 in
Type Sky Dash
Quantity GX: 1
Arena: 2
Type Evasion
Action Scathes the ground and jumps very high.
Speed 371 hm/s
Standard Damage 143
Effect Opponent sent straight away.
Ground Speed 128 hm/s
Jump Speed 179 hm/s
Jump Distance 45.0 in
*currently measured in inches

AIRS (Anti-Insurgent Ray Sky) is a Military robo and a member of the Ray Series that appears in Custom Robo GX and Custom Robo Arena. It is a Normal Style robo in GX and an Other Style robo in Arena. It was developed by Eiji, who uses it in the Corocoro Cup. Stark also uses it in Arena once certain conditions are met.

As its full name suggests, it is a Military Grade Ray Sky robo.

How to obtainEdit

  • Custom Robo GX:
    • You temporarily obtain AIRS and his parts during the final battle with Nikaido and Dark Chimera. You give him back to the Police Chief after you win and escape the base.
    • You can obtain him permanently if you win the Corocoro Cup.
  • Custom Robo Arena:
    • Japan: Visit the DS Download Station anytime between November 11th, 2006 and December 5th, 2006 and get the patch. From there, obtain Ray Sky. Afterwards, visit Mt. Zephyr after beating Stark's Grudge Match and talk to him. Beat him again to obtain AIRS. He will be using AIRS in this battle.
    • Everywhere Else: Purchase Ray Sky from the Underground's Parts Shop. From there, visit Mt. Zephyr after beating Stark's Grudge Match and talk to him. Beat him again to obtain AIRS. He will be using AIRS in this battle.



AIRS is EASILY the best robo that the player has at his/her disposal in the game. It has enhanced Offense, Defense, and Speed (the best in the game). If you use his default parts, it will be VERY hard to take him down. Overall, an excellent robo. No wonder this robo is banned in normal tournaments.

Default AIRS (GX)
Creator: Noise/Nintendo
Gun ARS-G02
Bomb Supernova
Subweapon Circulation W
Action Chip Force Protector
Truly a force to be feared. This set was needed to take down Dark Chimera.


AIRS was both nerfed and buffed during his transition from GX to Arena. He has much lower defense than in GX. However, his attack stat became THE best in the game. So, he is considered an Extreme Glass Cannon. As like all Military Grade parts, he is considered Illegal in normal play.

You don't need legs that make you jump high. You can just charge which sends you high up, so use another set of legs that improves another ability. Also, be cautious with this robo, because if your own attacks hit you, you will take severe damage because of your own high attack and low defense.

Stealth Fighter
Creator: Strayed
Gun Indigo Gun
Bomb ARS-B02 Bomb
Pod Kindjal Pod
Legs Carat Legs
It may seem odd to have Carat Legs on this set but they add more mobility in exchange of distance. This is a high power versatile set. Use your gun when in range for a sweet spot. Bombs can be launched at anytime. And bombs, pods when flying away to keep foes back.

Default AIRS (Arena)
Creator: Noise/Nintendo
Gun ARS-G04 Gun
Bomb ARS-B02 Bomb
Pod ARS-P07 Pod
Legs ARS-L13 Legs
The gun range for the G04 is rather limited.

Sky Death
Creator: Limxzero
Gun Afterburner Gun
Bomb Geo Trap Bomb
Pod Double Wave Pod
Legs Feather Legs
Charge to soar way up; the Feather Legs help you stay airborne longer. Then sky dash around while firing a pod-gun combo. It should be difficult for the enemy to dodge your bomb, gun and pod attacks beacause you are so high up. When you land, charge again to protect vulnerability and get in the air again.

Cerberus AIRS
Creator: Zephyr
Gun Hadron Gun
Bomb Sling Bomb
Pod Sling Pod
Legs Hadron Legs
A quick and easy strategy, made up of illegal and military parts. Be sure for quick battles.

Creator: RayX2
Gun Homing Star Gun
Bomb Winder Bomb
Pod Spider Pod G
Legs High Jump Legs
Pretty easy set. Just set pods, then charge to rise, and shot. Winder Bomb can be used for damage and blocking.

Creator: ---
Gun Eagle Gun
Bomb ARS-B02 Bomb
Pod ARS-P07 Pod
Legs Phantom Legs
probably the first set I came up for this Robo the split second I got it. the Pod and Bomb are good for getting as much projectile on the field as possible, then Spam Eagle rounds in the Three Air Dashes you get and unless you're up against a very evasive unit, you shouldn't have TOO much trouble fighting.



  • An insurgent is a rebel or one who revolts. In addition, anti means against.
    • As such, AIRS was designed as a robo to stop revolts.
  • Coincidentally, AIRS' name resembles Air, which ties with the fact that he is a Lightning Sky robo.
  • AIRS heavily resembles Eiji, his creator.
  • AIRS is mandatory to complete GX, as he is the only robo capable of hurting Dark Chimera during the final battle at Nikaido's base.
    • However, any robo can harm Dark Chimera during the Demon's Cup.
  • AIRS appears with Jameson as a Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
    • Its description is as follows: "Highly illegal modified robos. The Jameson is based on the Lightning Sky. It and the A.I.R.S., a high-end Ray machine, can transform into fighter jets. The A.I.R.S. was developed for military use and thus cannot be used by all commanders. Both of these robos were available via DS Download Stations in Japan."

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