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3-Way Gun
Range Long
Round(s) 9
Standard Damage 186
Sweet spot point blank
Illegal No
Description Fires 3 straight rounds in 3 rows. The farther you are from the enemy, the better its homing.
Attack 5
Speed 5
Homing 4
Reload 5
Down 6
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 20.67
Ground Description Higher damage.
Air Damage/Round 18.67
Air Description Lesser damage, but better accessibility.

The 3-Way Gun is a decent long-range gun, but arguably more effective at mid-range. Its nine rounds are perfect for covering flanking attacks. Because it has many rounds, the enemy will be pressured to dodge.


You can take advantage of this gun's range and fire it from afar. Unlike many long range weapons it would be a good choice to use it with ground specialist robos. Fire in bursts for extra pressure.

Maximizing damage from the 3-Way Gun can be done by firing the gun at point-blank range so that all 9 rounds make contact.


There are different ways to defend against this gun. You can stay at long-range, so you have more time to dodge. Or you can stay at close-range and move quickly under the rounds, so that their homing abilities are weakened.


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